If you are looking for a good inhome care service, ABC is the way to go. Their pleasant and caring staff took care of my husband when he was diagnosed with alzheimers. The administrator always tries to meet your needs and they do not overcharge you for time not worked. I have used several home care services and I can say they are one of the best. -JP

Jean P.

March 2016

I moved my 93 year-old father in with me after he had a few falls. He also has dementia, and I didn't feel safe leaving him unattended. I have used other agencies in the Charleston area. But the ABC Home Care agency is the absolute best! Matt Rossino has been fantastic in scheduling staff to meet my needs. I do volunteer work, and sometimes have opportunities to go out with friends. He has always had a wonderful caregiver to stay with Dad. Every single caregiver is top-notch!

A big thanks goes out to Matt and his staff!


July 2015

I have a mom with dementia and it is very hard to take her places. Matthew Rossino with A Better Choice Home Care was great! I even had to change dates around and it was not a problem at all. The home health care person (Stephanie) that came to stay was absolutely wonderful. I felt at ease leaving out side of The Dunes. I never worried at all. She was very experienced and on the same hand fun with my mother. Thanks to all!

Kay A.

April 2014

No Home Health Company is perfect, but this company has been better than others I have worked with as a client. Matt has always tried to help whenever a problem arose. He is easy to work with and does what he can to ensure that the client and CNAs are happy.

Palmetto T.

2 days ago

26 yrs experience working as a CNA, in diferent setting of the medical field. First Time doing home care. I love it!!!. Great company, and great people to work for. Has been a blessing.

VerĂ³nica M.

2 days ago

Im Currently Employed At Abc Home Care I Enjoy Working With This Company First Boss I KNOW Thats Takes Up For His Employees & Also Supports Me When It Came To Me Going To School Very Flexible Hours Very Understanding Oh And I Love Love The Clients I Recommend Anyone To Either Join The Staff Team Or Bring Along Your Family Members To Be Cared For We Are Very Trained & Ready To Assist With ALL Needs

Dejanira J.

4 days ago

My grandmother is currently a client of A Better Choice Home Care, and she loves it. The company is very patient, determined, and understanding. The staff members, are very good. They're prompt, well trained and also very helpful. I'm glad we've decided to work with this company."

Tarik R.

7 months ago

I currently work for abc home care, and I'm absolutely loving it. I have amazing clients. My boss is amazing, and very understanding, and they also work with you very well when it comes to past minute changes, and scheduling issues. This is by far, the best one I've worked. Loving it for certain.

The Sheaires Mack

8 months ago

I absolutely trust and love this company. It has been a pleasure to work with and for ABC. I've never worked with such great people. The first boss that actually stands up for his employees and such flexible schedules.

Donna Lloyd

8 months ago

I've been with ABC HOMECARE as an employee working on two years. My personal experience has been nothing short of great. I have over 20 years of experience working with the elderly. A few months before I stumbled upon Matt's ad for help I had been working with another agency. I had been with a stroke victim/Alzheimer's patient for over a year. She sadly passed a day after Christmas. I was devastated but when I started looking for work again it was like insult was added to injury. I myself have a few physical disabilities. Every other agency I went to before Matt heard I had disabilities and didn't have the time of day for me. Matt was different. From the very first time I spoke to him he encouraged me. He told me how important it is to him to pair up the right employee with the right client. He's been nothing but understanding. He has sent me to one or two that was too much for me physically but as soon as I told him he took me off the case. Matt continually keeps me busy. It's not like other agencies that tell you they have work but you're not getting many hours. Matt has always kept me busy. Pay? Well, I wish it was more. Who doesn't? However, it's always right and always right on time. Matt is fair. I have three children who have appointments etc. I know that if I give ample notice of time I need off Matt does everything he can to make sure I get that time. I was out the beginning of this year for 3 months due to medical. Matt was so understanding and patient. I honestly can't say enough good things about working with ABC. Having a boss who tries to be understanding of your needs and treats you fairly really makes you want to go to work and give your 100%

Amanda Geiger

8 months ago

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